Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oasis for Honeybees

Liam Gallagher has joined a campaign to save the honeybee, he has revealed.

The Oasis rocker says he would have "a rough voice" were it not for the assistance he gets from the endangered insects.

Honey has apparently been attributed as the cure for the throat infection which laid him low for this summer's V Festival and resulted in the band cancelling.

"You've got to look after the birds and the bees, man. The bees are vanishing", explained Gallagher.

"We've got to save them before they all buzz off. It's important. It's a really worthwhile cause.

"Without them we're in proper bother. I like honey. If it weren't for honey, I'd have a rough voice", said the band's singer.

A spokesman for the Co-op, who are backing a new film, "Vanishing Of The Bees", which warns of a future without them, said they were delighted by the news.

"We're thrilled Liam recognises the urgency for action", they commented.