Monday, June 22, 2015

Bee-friendly Beekeeper Clothing

I started with a full bee suit to protect me from the bees. As I grew more comfortable with the bees, I realized that wearing the full bee suit was not always necessary. In fact, I could wear something more comfortable and this allowed me to stay cooler and work longer. The secret to an enjoyable beekeeping experience is to dress properly to avoid bee stings. It is common to see experienced beekeepers wearing casual clothing and just a veil.

As you gain experience with your own bees you might come to the same realization. A full bee suit is often cumbersome, especially in the summer. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to wearing a full suit. As you get to know your bees, you will be able to decide what clothing level is appropriate in the bee yard.

Here are some tips for clothing that can be worn when working in the bee yard. Bee-friendly clothing should be light or neutral colored. Do not wear dark colors in the bee yard as they attract the attention of guard bees and can trigger stinging. I like to wear khaki colored pants, as well as a neutral tone long sleeve shirt. The long sleeves not only protect your arms from stings, they also provide protection from the sun. You can always roll up your sleeves if the weather is good and the bees are mellow.

The type of fabric you choose can also make a difference in the bee yard. Smooth materials such a nylon attract less attention from the bees and are more difficult for the bees to grasp onto. Stay away from rough materials like fleece or wool. The bees may try to burrow into such rough fabrics.

In all cases, you should always wear a veil to protect your face and eyes from the bees. Also, pay attention to the openings in your clothing. Pant legs should be long enough to protect your ankles. Wearing high top boots that you can tuck your pants legs into is a good idea. You may want to close off any openings with duct tape. Keep in mind that even gentle bees can become aggressive if you were to drop a hive or a frame.

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